With expert trainer Jose Barcenas leading, we are proud to offer an eight week program this summer for young athletes, ages 8 to 16. Jose is a highly experienced and credentialed trainer, who holds a Master of Science in Kinesiology, and a Bachelor of Science with Physical Education Major and Psychology Minor, as well certifications in Personal Training from The American Council on Exercise and in Strength and Conditioning from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Jose has also worked as a Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for teams at the University of North Georgia, working with basketball, cross country, track and field, baseball, soccer, golf and softball athletes. In addition, Jose has hundreds of Group Fitness Instruction sessions under his belt from our pulse45 program, as well as working with private personal training clients.

The focus will be on building a solid base of strength, conditioning, agility, speed and quickness as well as teaching your young athlete safe form, proper warmups, injury prevention, stretching and movement patterns while improving their overall physical performance.

The package includes three :45 sessions per week for the months of June and July, at 11 AM on Mondays and Wednesday, 2 PM on Fridays. Each week will have one session each focused on strength, speed and agility. Athletes will be performance tested at the beginning of the program, and periodically retested for progress to evaluate results. The cost per athlete is $299.00. You may follow this link to our online store to pay and enroll your athlete. Click here to pay.

Sessions will have a focus as follows;

*Strength is the ability to produce a large amount of force by recruiting a large amount of muscle fibers. By enhancing tendon resilience and neuromuscular efficiency, he/she can exert more force into any activity. Thus, power & speed is heavily reliant on muscular strength.

*Speed & Power is the ability to produce maximal force rapidly in order to complete a task quickly and efficiently as possible. It will not matter how fit and strong one is if he/she cannot complete his/her task quick enough.

*Agility is the ability to move multiple directions with minimal exertion and excess movement. This cannot fully flourish without building a strong foundation of strength, speed, and power.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So one needs to strengthen every single link.