Q&A With Nancy Donnelly-100 Pounds Lost and Loving Life!

How long have you been in pulse45, and what led you to start?

“I have been a Pulse45 member since May 2016. Until this point I’ve never been in shape as an adult, and after 4 children (Ashton 13, Canaan 10, Cameron 5, Baylor 4), a career as an Optical technician and a crazy busy lifestyle, I felt fat, frumpy, and completely discouraged. Like many others, I’ve tried it all through the years, and quit everything I’ve ever started. I’ve done videos, diets, doctors, Jazzercise, Fit Body Bootcamp, personal trainers, kickboxing, Barre, you name it, never stuck with anything”. One day, Marian came into my office and I asked her about pulse. Nancy recalls, “I had a birthday coming up, and knew I needed to make some changes. She invited me to try it, and I’ve been there ever since”.

What is different about pulse45 versus the other things you’ve tried?

“I believe in the program, and have seen it work for me and many others. It encompasses a fun, family atmosphere that is non-intimidating, but will push you beyond the limits of what you thought you could do. The bootcamp type workouts are fun, with a great blend of cardio, strength training, and fat blasting, and it changes each day so you never get bored. I’ve lost weight before, but this time I look toned and feel strong, and I know it will last! The program is intense and will challenge you, but the support from Jim, Marian, Jose, and the people sweating beside you will keep you pushing and hold you lovingly accountable. With the help of Pulse45, combined with good old fashioned sweat and hard work, I’m smaller and in better shape than I was in high school. I have achieved results I never imagined, and would encourage anyone who’s feeling discouraged and like they’ve tried it all, to give pulse45 a chance! You’ve got nothing to lose, but pounds!”

What advice would you offer to anyone who needs to make some positive changes in their life?

“Just start. You don’t have to be perfect. If you make a mistake, or slip up, it isn’t a reason to quit, just get back on plan. Just keep going, the reward is so worth it!”

What do you think makes people hesitant to start?

“At first, it seems selfish to put your fitness as a top priority. The reality is, to take care of those who matter to you makes it necessary to take care of yourself. The journey can be intimidating at first, until you realize you are surrounded by people that have undertaken similar challenges, and they are 100% supportive and want to see you enjoy the same success they have seen.”

Other than the physical and health changes, what other positives have you experienced?

“I’ve seen internal changes as well. My confidence has increased, I trust myself to make good choices, and my entire outlook on life has changed!”

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