When a client trains with Max Results Training, they are no longer alone in their fitness journey. They now have partners in the process that are deeply invested in their success.

Our training philosophy has been created from the experiences gained from literally tens of thousands of client sessions. With a majority of our clients coming to us after a previous training relationship that did not achieve the desired results, we’ve been able to learn, not only from what we’ve seen first hand from their successes, but in delving in to why other efforts did not succeed.

The cornerstones of our successful program-

Accountability– We communicate with every personal training client, every day, so they are held accountable for doing what is needed to get their fitness progress maximized. Daily check-ins help them stay on course and on pace to their goals.

Non-session day workouts– Having a great workout is a vital part of the equation, but equally vital is know what to do on days when you don’t have a session in our studio. We provide our clients with detailed workouts for every day we don’t see them  in person.  Fitness is not a two or three day a week program!

Support-Being available for our clients to answer their questions, assist with food choices, tips or ordering in restaurants, and helping with anything that comes up is what helps our clients always feel that they are never left “on their own”.

Safety-No amount of progress in the fitness journey is worth taking an unwise gamble that can result in injury. Teaching our clients how to understand their body’s feedback and paying attention to that feedback is a critical part of the equation.

The right workout for each individual client-Every person is unique. Your health, medical history/condition, medications, current fitness and strength levels all mean that your programs need to be created specifically for you, not a “one size fits all” workout.

Education-There is an old saying that we follow in our business. “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” We not only strive to help our clients achieve their fitness goals, but teach them the skills to maintain that level of fitness for life. No one benefits from being on an uphill/downhill cycle. Get fit, stay fit, enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition– All of the great workouts in the world won’t help you realize your objectives unless you have the proper fuel in your body. Our background and training in nutrition, weight management and lifestyle helps us teach you to replace the habits that have led you to an unhealthy point in your life with those that will help you get healthy and stay healthy, from now on. How to shop for the right foods, which foods are most beneficial for each individual, how to order in restaurants and how to stay on plan when traveling are just some of the skill sets we provide to our clients.