This wonderful place is an answer to prayer. I have been attending bootcamp for one year. I am now a “before” and “after” poster child !!! Sometimes I cringe when I see the Fat Me………But I am thankful that the Fat Me swallowed her pride and sought help. I had reached the end of my rope and cried out to the Lord to help me and show me the way. The first thing to go : sugar, you evil thing. I enjoy the fellowship with other bootycampers. They may not even know it but they are my support group! Marian and Jim Harris have endless ideas about food and of course, the proper way to work us and get us to sweat, sweat, sweat !!!!! Lately I have been really amazed at the MyZone heart monitor system !! We can watch the screen and try to PUMP IT UP to get in the Red Zone !! For me the MyZone helps me to channel my daydreams………Here I go, I’m on the rowing machine pretending to be Ben Hur rowing ramming speed!! There I am on the battle ropes being Ben Hur again driving my chariot horses around the arena. And, if you ever wonder what I’m thinking while doing the slam ball or the tire mace…..I’m pounding on the enemy for all the lies he ever told me and everyone else !!!!!! I am so thankful to the Lord for answering my prayer. I’m thankful to Jeanne Hinton for encouraging me to come here… has changed my life !!