Max Results Training (5 stars plus)….is the most experienced and committed trainers anyone could ask for. They accept all fitness levels, but at the same time are tough but enjoyable to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. This facility is top-notch. Jim & Marian Harris are professional in every area. Jim has helped me achieve and maintain my goals that I never thought would ever be possible. I needed a trainer who would understand my specific needs. I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and always struggled with diet and exercise. He clearly puts a lot of time into developing sessions full of variety, and makes it fun at the same time. He has a thorough understanding how the body works so that each workout and technique are done correctly to avoid any injuries. Max Results Training treats not only myself, but all of his clients equally. In addition to personal training with this great facility, I also attend a small group training for women twice a week, and weekly boot camps. Jim and Marian are both extremely reliable and punctual, and always ready to start right on time. They are very helpful, extremely accommodating and lets not forget how encouraging and motivating they are. I leave each session feeling stronger, and feeling pumped. He holds me accountable in every area, every day, and not just during our training sessions. In addition to the personal trainer he is , Jim is a certified nutritionist and has given me the tools I need to grow and be successful with my food plan and be healthy. Simply put, I have achieved so many goals, and it is all possible with the expertise of Jim and Marian Harris with Max Results Training! “You aren’t given a good life or a bad life. You’re given a life. What you do with it is up to you”.

Lisa S, Gillsville, Ga.