Ken Duncan-Inches, Pounds and A New Lease On Life

When Rockstar client Ken Duncan walks into our studio for a pulse45 session, you can almost feel an electrical charge hit the room. Contagious in his positivity, enthusiasm and motivation, his presence is immediately felt, yet he is most gracious, humble and ready to help anyone that needs a boost in their day. Losing pounds and inches is a game changer, no doubt, but the non-physiological changes are even more impressive. Amazing and inspirational only begin to describe his story.

Ken’s Story-In His Own Words “I was fit in my 20’s, mainly due to being young and staying very active. Life progressed, and my health began to deteriorate.  Having children and providing for them became priorities and health got put on the back burner, but there was more that was not put into perspective until I was diagnosed with depression.  Before long, I was on depression medication and losing a battle more difficult than anything I had ever experienced. To put it in general terms, life had knocked me down and the blow was more than just physical but the disease would manifest itself in declining health.  After many years of laying on the proverbial mat I knew if I didn’t get up soon that life was going to count me out.  I could feel my body starting to strain under the weight of how I was living my life, and thoughts of finding a way out dominated my down time.  The things I put in my body and the lack of activity was only exaggerating the problem.  The fear of not being there for my sons and future grandchildren became overwhelming and I knew I needed help and soon.  I finally took action and began my crawl off the mat by a google search for personal training that led me to Max Results.  My thought was if I could get healthier maybe I would feel better.”

Ken started his fitness journey with Max Results Training in mid-September of 2016. In his assessment and application session, Ken stated that his motivations in making changes were more than improving his health.  He wanted to be more active with his sons (Andrew, 15 , and Joshua 23) and the rest of his family.  But his true goal was to get back in the fight of life, to be the father and role-model his sons deserved.  Most importantly, to become the man he knew he could be for himself.  He set 2 goals that he could focus on, lose 74 pounds to get to a weight he knew he felt fit at and to run the Peachtree Road Race in 2017.  Having a history of swelling and pain in his knees, along with high blood pressure, Ken had special circumstances, but convinced us that he was ready to undertake the journey to getting healthy. 

Ken initially began with one on one personal training to establish an improved strength base to allow him to get more benefit out of circuit training, which was the next step in his program.  By being in condition to be able to safely approach his sessions with higher intensity levels, Ken could realize the heart rate threshold needed to keep his body burning excess body fat, even for hours after his sessions ended. In only a couple of months Ken could see a substantial drop in pounds and inches, as well as adding up to 100% to his strength in many exercises. At this point, Ken migrated into our pulse45 program, and continued to work hard and enjoy amazing results.

So, in just under 10 months into his journey, where is Ken today?  He just crossed the 60 pounds lost mark, is down 10 ½ inches in his waist, kicks butt in mountain biking, has seen a substantial drop in his blood pressure, his knee pain has almost completely disappeared, and he ran his first ever Peachtree Road Race this July 4th!  And, oh yeah, he has been off his depression medication for 6 months and for the first time in his adult life feels like he is winning his battle against depression. 

We asked Ken what advice he would have for anyone needing to take those first steps.  He stated “You merely need to drag yourself off the mat.  The first step is the hardest, and once you are up, just start putting one foot in front of the other.  You have it in you to conquer anything. You just must be willing to fight for it, to keep punching and be willing to keep getting back up.  In this fitness journey, just like in life, it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, as long as you keep getting back up and keep fighting.  You will eventually start winning as each knockdown is a learning experience and you must treat it as such.  Trust the process, find and rely on your support network.  We are social beings and we need community to succeed.”

When asked what he felt Max Results Training and pulse 45 brought to the equation, Ken said the support from not only trainers but the great friends he has met in our fitness family is invaluable.  Trying to do it by himself, he imagined, he would have fallen off, victim to those negative voices in his head.  Now all he can hear is his fitness brothers and sisters cheering him on.  He only hopes they all know how important they all are to him.  The two people he ran the Peachtree Road Race with are what he describes as ‘two amazing friends’ he made in pulse 45!  In addition to the health benefits and amazing changes to his physique, Ken said he has also realized the ripple effect throughout his life that he never expected.  He knew he wanted to transform his self-esteem, confidence and attitude so he no longer had to fake it, but he never imagined that this fitness journey would be the catalyst to truly making it happen.  When thinking about his transformation, he says truly transforming wasn’t about changing from one thing to another but getting the obstacles out of the way that prevented him from being who he truly was.  He now believes there is nothing he can’t do.  From getting to know Ken, and seeing his commitment level, we believe him!

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