┬áJim Harris is a highly credentialed Certified Master Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, with thousands of client training sessions under his belt. Jim also is a contributing writer for Local Life magazine, a member of the Men’s Health Fitness Council as well as a contributor to other industry publications. Jim specializes in working with clients who have extra challenges in their fitness equation. Success stories include clients with MS, sarcoidosis, histories of severe spinal trauma, cancer survivors, cervical vertebrae fusions, knee and hip replacements, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, rehab from SLAP surgery, bicep tendon reattachment and more. Jim is also a former world record holding athlete.


Three years before the TV show Fit to Fat To Fit aired, where trainers intentionally gain weight to be able to empathize with their clients during the process of losing weight, Jim did just that, gaining over 40 pounds to lose 30 in only one month. You can see the results in the photo above. Jim is also a former world record holding athlete.


Jim has trained many elite level athletes, and top level figure competitors, but finds his most rewarding success in helping those who struggle with health, mobility and weight issues to find their inner healthy person, lose their excess weight, look and feel better, and make themselves healthier overall.

Even if you are 100 pounds or more over your target weight, Jim can help you get to your goals in a healthy manner. Jim utilizes combinations of all cutting edge physical training methods; plyometrics, weight and resistance training, TRX type, HIIT, kettlebells, smart cardio, precise interval training, fast twitch explosive training, and the list goes on. Each session with Jim will be customized for you, based on your needs. No cookie cutter workouts here. When you train with Jim, you also get workout plans for your non-session days, to help you attain your goals faster, as well as comprehensive nutritional direction.

Jim is a Lawrenceville native, with roots in Gainesville (his Dad’s family had businesses here in the 1930’s, and were fortunate to survive the 1936 tornado) When not training, Jim enjoys his family with his wife, Marian, a former Division One college swimmer and figure competitor, and two of three children being competitive athletes themselves. Jim is an avid tennis player, with several championships under his belt, and an avid cyclist. Jim is available for training in our Gainesville studio.