My Story…. From Fit to More Fit!

I am not your typical success story.  I’ve never had weight to lose, and sometimes have even struggled to gain weight.  I have worked out and run almost my entire life.  I fell in love with running by participating in a college freshman PE class that was called “Jogging”…. that was 1974 and I was just 17 years old. (I am 60 now!)  The teacher was a strength and conditioning coach for the football team (Georgia Bulldogs).  He instilled in me a great work ethic in regards to keeping fit and active.  I continued to run through the years, even clocking a total of 1200+ miles one particular year.  In addition to the running, I have always incorporated weight training and interval training into my routine.  After all those years,  I was very fit, but could never seem to put on any visible muscle or keep weight on my body.
I met Marian Harris in the spring of 2013.  In addition to hitting it off as great friends, we also started to run and train together.  We were fast… we ran every single day!  About a year after we met, she and her husband Jim opened MaxResultsTraining and started having their Boot Camp classes.  I immediately started doing the Boot Camp classes, attending every time the doors opened!  At Marian’s suggestion, I cut back on my running, kept coming to the boot camp classes and continued to train with weights.  The difference has been amazing!  I have vastly improved my strength, as well as increased my musculature.  All that running was literally breaking down my efforts at building muscle.  Thanks to the excellent advice and guidance of Marian and Jim, I am now in the best overall shape of my life at 60 years old!
As we age (especially as women), it is vital that we pay attention to bone density, flexibility and functional strength.  We don’t want to be that person who slowly stoops over as they age, or becomes too inflexible to get down on their hands and knees and get up easily.  We want to be able to carry heavy things and go up and down stairs effortlessly.  Interval training will help you achieve all of these goals.  At MaxResultsTraining the positive vibe, the caring support and top notch instruction of Marian and Jim, plus the comradery of all the Boot Camp class participants is so inspiring. We have people at various levels of fitness and with many different goals, but the one thing we all have in common is the desire to be supportive of each other and cheer each other on with each new accomplishment.  You will reach your goal, whatever that may be, if you take the time and make the effort.  Marian and Jim are there to start you on your journey to a healthier and stronger life!
Jeanne Hinton