Healthy Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato fries


Ingredients (1 serving = 1 sweet potato):

1 sweet potato (200 g)

5 ml – 1 teaspoon olive oil

Fresh black pepper

Any spices you like, for example: garlic, curry, chili,…


Pre-heat oven to 220 degrees

Peel the sweet potatoes (not necessary,  just wash if you desire to leave the skin intact).

Cut the sweet potatoes almost all the way through (I put the potato into a wooden spoon, slice  until the blade touches the spoon, leaving the potato intact at the bottom).

Drizzle olive oil, spices and fresh black pepper over the top.

Place on a baking sheet

Bake for 40 minutes.

Nutritional facts (1 serving = 1 sweet potato):

Energy: 236 cal

Protein: 2.6 g

Carbohydrates: 42 g (sugar 6 g)

Fat: 5 g (saturated 0.7 g)

Fiber: 5 g


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