“Service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth”.-Muhammad Ali

At Max Results Training, we try and do our part to give back. We have been blessed, and like to share our good fortune with others.

Our newest effort is Project Tribute. Our mission there is to locate and restore historically significant locations, like abandoned cemeteries. Our efforts have been featured in the Gainesville Times and the Forsyth County news. Clock either link to see the stories.

I was honored to have been asked to chair the first ever Hall Is Home For the Holidays Christmas Event. Our goal is to raise money to provide an amazing Christmas to the 400 children that are currently in the Hall County foster care system. These children are with caring and generous families, but the Holidays can stretch all of our budgets, our mission was to ensure each and every one of these children have a Christmas to remember. Through the gracious donations from our community and the tireless work of our team, we were able to provide a wonderful Christmas for every single one of the over 400 children in the system.

You can learn more and donate by visiting www.Hallishomeforkids.com.


In our work with MS patients, we have developed a passion to help find a cure for his terrible disease that impacts millions of wonderful people. Toward that end, we participate in the annual MS Walk Atlanta.

In our first year, 2017, we had five people from our organization walk, and we raised over $20,000. In 2018, our number grew to 16 walkers, and we raised $25,000 for this worthy cause and were the number one fundraising team in the event. In 2019, we were the number one fundraising team again, thanks to the amazing effort by Lisa Sims and our Hall County team members and generous donors. Click here for more info.


One of our passions is helping children in need. Every year we collect toys and donations for the Marine Corp Toys for Tots, at all of our locations. This amazing organization does a tremendous job helping those less fortunate not feel left out during the Holiday Season.