What does personal training cost, or what is the rate?

-Our training programs are designed personally and individually for each client. Each client we have is on a program that is unique to them, based on their needs and objectives. Whereas there is no way to provide an exact cost for the package you may need to accomplish your goals prior to completing an assessment. Remember that quality is not inexpensive. There are certainly plenty of $50-75 per hour trainers available everywhere, but with our level of experience, education, track record, success stories and proven methods, we are priced well above that level. Your investment is not only for the actual session time you have with the trainer, but also for the years of education and expertise that trainer has to ensure that your session time is used in the best possible manner to help you accomplish your goals.

As an average, and for information purposes only, the following is a typical investment breakdown-

Private Training with Jim– All training with Jim is based on the specific circumstances, medical history and conditions of the individual client.

Private Training with Marian– Rates start at $95 per session

Private Training with one of our Training Team– Rates start at $49 per private session

These are estimates only, and every client’s exact prescription and program may be different, depending in their specific needs.

-Until we have completed your assessment session, we would not know your needs, condition, flexibility, ranges of motion, balance, endurance, special concerns, health conditions/limitations, etc., as well as the frequency, intensity, duration and specialization of training needed, specifically for you.  Few, if any clients need one hour sessions. Other costs may also be involved, depending on your individual needs. Hiring a trainer or pursuing a training program using cost as the number one criteria is often a recipe for failure. Ask yourself this question. What is a better value, paying more but getting the results you desire, versus paying less and not? If price will determine your decision, and not experience, education, results, track record, reputation, client reviews, and professionalism, then we are likely not your best option. 

-Once we complete the assessment and know what program will help you reach your goals, if both parties agree we are compatible for a training relationship, then we will provide you with a detailed outline of the plan we recommend to help you reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

What is different with the Max Results package than with traditional training relationships?

– In most training programs, you have a relationship with a single trainer, and the program is mainly workouts. With Max Results, you get access to the experience and knowledge of a full team, plus all the tools necessary to successfully create a lifestyle change. Not only will you get the best professional help to achieve your goals, but you will get educated in how to sustain your success on your own. 

-Most gyms have a standard training package, X number of sessions at X duration, typically one hour sessions. Many times, that may not be ideal for you and your needs. Our packages are customized to the specific needs of each individual client. If your facility only offers one hour training sessions, but you are only at a current level of fitness to sustain an effective training session of 30 minutes, then you are paying for something you don’t need. Many gyms or studios may try and get you on a more frequent schedule than you actually need, so that you use up your package faster and need to renew, which is more money for them. We train in the shortest sessions and least frequency necessary to accomplish your goals. Our objective is to help you adopt the health habits you need, learn to be self sufficient with your fitness plan and teach you how to maintain the fit lifestyle habits you have installed. Even after you become self sufficient in your fitness program, we’re still here for you with any help you need along the way!

-We are certified in nutrition, sports nutrition, lifestyle and weight management. These are vital components in your fitness journey. Having your nutrition properly coordinated with your exercise plan is key to success.

Why do clients get results with Max Results when they didn’t with other trainers?

Many training programs consist of a number of training sessions, in person, each week, but may not offer direction on the other days. Our clients are in touch with us each day, and are held accountable for their nutrition, a their non-session day exercise, and can contact us at any time with questions, challenges or for any needed information. Our program is much more like having a partner in making the positive changes you need as opposed to a traditional training relationship, Our clients tell us that the relationship is as vital a part of their success as the training itself.


Why do I have to pay for an assessment session to apply for training?

For us to perform an assessment, our trainers block out all training times for existing clients, so that you have their undivided attention. This means taking away up to eight training sessions from existing clients. For us to be able to do this, we need to be sure of your commitment and readiness.