COVID 19 Perspective From A Small Business Owner

For those of you who keep saying that you would not oppose reopening Georgia if you were a small business owner that had been impacted, I will tell you that I steadfastly oppose it and I do own small businesses. My expenses continue full speed and my revenue has been at zero for well over a month.

The thought that we should each make our own choices neglects to consider that people who do not follow safe practices become greater risks to those who do when we have to go out for things we must have, like food and medicine. Under Governor’s orders to shelter in place we still had large gatherings, stores and parks packed with people not observing social distancing, people having cookouts, visiting their friends, etc. 50% of those recently tested in Hall were asymptomatic, which means they have no idea as they circulate that they are potentially infecting many others. Social distancing and a face mask are recommendations but in no way guarantee that the virus cannot be transmitted.


The guidelines the Governor issued yesterday for gyms to follow in order to reopen are almost impossible to comply with absent limiting gym attendance to a dozen people at a time. Want to compare this to the flu? Many more people die from the flu than tornados too but I doubt many of you stand in the front yard when there is a tornado warning and alerts are going off all around you. This is not a situation where only you are impacted by your choices. I am thankful for the others in our industry that evaluated all the circumstances and chose to remain closed for the safety of their staff, members and the public at large. I am also very concerned about those who reopened and likely will not be able to provide a safe environment.


Remember, you get to choose to enter a business. The person working there had no such choice once they opted to come in to work. You may disagree, and I always respect those who think differently, but I wanted to share a perspective from a business owner who has skin in the game.

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