Is A “Celebrity Trainer” The Right Choice For You?

Is a Celebrity Trainer or “Trainer to the Stars” the Right Choice For You?

There are tons of trainers that promote themselves as “Trainers to the Stars” or something similar. Many people think that this credential from a trainer makes them the best fit for their own fitness journey. In many cases, associate with celebrities or athletes launches a trainer’s own celebrity. But are they the right trainer with the right program for those of us in the real world?

Training celebrities, actors, professional athletes, etc. closely parallels what we see on TV programs like “The Biggest Loser”. On these shows, people are removed from their everyday lives and placed in an environment where exercise and eating healthy are their sole daily tasks. These cast members often see dramatic results, yet tend to give back their progress when they go back home. When faced with the return to a normal life, the lack of skills in balancing fitness and healthy nutrition with the rest of their daily obligations results in a return to their habits of old, and the progress they’ve worked so hard to see is given back. Media stories abound of these situations. Some participants have even sued the show’s producers.

Actors and athletes, for example, are often in similar positions to those participants. An actor preparing for a film role can make the physical preparations for that role their full-time job. Many can hire trainers, nutritionists and cooks that can assist in their programs on almost a full-time basis.  Budget of either time or money is seldom an issue. For her role in Tomb Raider, Angelina Jolie undertook a dedicated 10 week program, complete with trainers, nutritionists and cooks. Jennifer Lawrence has an intense 6 week, full time program for her role in Hunger Games. Both were obviously very successful programs, but not likely to be feasible for those with families, jobs and no paid support staff.

For most of us in the real world, our lives don’t afford that kind of flexibility, and, for many, doesn’t fit our budgets. When getting fit is your sole job, you don’t have the same balance dilemma as trying to balance family, work and regular daily routines that most of us are faced with. Your best results will likely come from finding a program where the trainer or instructor has empathy and understanding for the balance issues we face in our day to day lives, and can offer guidance and advice as to making fitness and healthy nutrition work within those parameters.

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