Sugar Industry Fraud and How it Affects Your Health

Recently, documentation has come to light showing a history of “bribes” from the sugar industry and other concerns that sell and promote sugary products. These concerns have been paying large sums of money to researchers to influence their publishing findings, in an effort to brand saturated fats as the primary risk contributor to heart disease, […]

How Can The “Biggest Loser” Lawsuits Help Your Fitness?

  Recently, you may have seen articles revealing the intention of former contestants on ABC’s “Biggest Loser” to sue the show, even seeking class action status, implying that there may be a large number of disgruntled former contestants. The allegations include the contestants being subjected to excessive amounts of required exercise, insufficient food, illegal supplements, […]

“I Have MS, But MS Doesn’t Have Me” – A Story of Inspiration

  In 1997, Lisa Sims had a full and fulfilling life. Two young children, her high school sweetheart as her husband, and a wonderful road ahead. When she started experiencing numbness in her lower torso, and doctors diagnosed it as shingles, it seemed like only a momentary bump in the road.   When the symptoms […]

Losing Pounds Versus Losing Inches

“Why am I losing inches but the pounds aren’t dropping? One of the most frequent questions a fitness professional hears, along with the statement “I don’t care about inches, I want to see pounds drop.” Both are very understandable. Television shows like “The Biggest Loser” choose winners based on pounds lost. Diet products promote potential […]


Hydration/Dehydration Hydration is yet another of those fitness topics that we can research to infinity online, yet never get definitive answers. Hopefully here, we can cut through the clutter and get you some real information that will aid in your fitness progress. Let’s start with all the things that can be caused by dehydration. The […]

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