Is A “Celebrity Trainer” The Right Choice For You?

Is a Celebrity Trainer or “Trainer to the Stars” the Right Choice For You? There are tons of trainers that promote themselves as “Trainers to the Stars” or something similar. Many people think that this credential from a trainer makes them the best fit for their own fitness journey. In many cases, associate with celebrities […]

Is Vigorous Exercise the Fountain of Youth?

We are constantly inundated with ads from products that claim to slow the aging process and regain our youth, without any real work or change in our lifestyle. Unfortunately, none of them have even been proven to live up to their claims. Now, researchers may have unlocked a portion of the legendary fountain of youth! […]

Tips for Keeping Your Holiday Food Plan Healthy

Many of us face tempting food challenges, and the Holiday season tends to increase those challenges dramatically. Buffets and dessert trays in our workplace, family get togethers, church and social events, then New Year’s Eve celebrations, Super Bowl parties and Valentine’s Day, so the calendar is filled with temptation. To help you make healthier choices […]

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