5 Minute, Easy Salad with Protein and Carbs

Two things that are always challenging in a healthy food plan are getting enough greens, and making time for proper food prep. We wanted to share an easy hack with you that accomplishes both.

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For our quick and easy lunch salad, you’ll only need a few items. First, we always have hard boiled eggs and a variety of greens on hand. Eggs offer a quick shot of protein when needed, and greens are an everyday staple. You’ll also need some cheese made with 2% milk, Panera Poppyseed Dressing, one minute microwave brown rice, and Boar’s Head Low Sodium Turkey.

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Using a colander, mix spinach leaves and arugula together, wash and let drain.

Slice the Boar’s Head Low Sodium Turkey into strips.

When dry, place the greens into a resealable, Tupperware type container. Add in a few ounces of cheese, the turkey strips, and crumble the hard boiled eggs, leaving the yolks in as well. Fill a single serving dressing container with the Panera Poppyseed. Refrigerate until needed.

When ready, microwave the rice for one minute, and add the dressing to the salad. With little muss and fuss you have a full serving of leafy greens, three different protein sources, and a clean carb for energy, all in just minutes!

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