Weight loss and fitness testimonials from  Max Results Training clients! Results speak volumes! So proud of these rockstars!

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-After ACL and meniscus surgery I was nervous and unsure about how to get back to the shape I was in. Jim and Marian have helped me not only get back to where I was, but actually surpass any goals I could have imagined.

I arrived at Max results boot camp in December of 2015. I was suffering from severe stress and anxiety and was there at the recommendation of a friend of mine who is a physician. I began coming to boot camp as a way to cope with my stress. I was 35 pounds overweight and had elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I was worried that the continued stress would result in having to go on medication for the rest of my life.
In January with the help of Jim and Marian I began to make small but significant strides in improving my stress levels. In February I received some guidance about proper diet and eating habits. By March my stress levels were decreasing significantly and my sleeping patterns have returned to some semblance of normal.
It is now July and I have lost 32 pounds have a very low blood pressure reading and cholesterol level . The doctor is very happy I will not have to worry about medication. I have taken to Heart everything I have learned and I am sincerely thankful for Max results Fitness and for all they have helped me to accomplish. I continue to attend boot camp. 4 days a week and walk and eat a healthy diet because having your health and being stress free is worth more than anything else in the world.
Thank you so much. RMD






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Just received this from our client, who we rehabbed from a post-accident SLAP surgery, so that she could get clearance to return to her job. This is why we LOVE what we do.
It reads-Jim & Marian You’ve given myself and my shoulder hope, inspiration, strength and a restored future.My shoulder, Jason (husband) and I are so happy to have found you. Thank you from the bottom of my scapula! Nicole D.


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FullSizeRender (78) Jeff 2 Months

Tiffani and Jeff, above, a husband and wife making great progress, in only two months!


Don’t let chronic pain or other health problems keep you from seeking to live a healthier, fuller life! Jim and Marian at Max Results Fitness are able to develop a plan that will safely work around any limitations you have while still challenging you to do more than you thought possible. With their support I’ve been able to lose a large amount of weight (and maintain) while also increasing strength and flexibility and improving my cardiovascular fitness- way beyond what I ever could have done on my own. They care about your physical health, but they also care about you as an individual and will guide you, support you, and push you to do better and to go farther than you imagined you could! Thank you Marian and Jim!!!

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Hands down the best trainers you’ll ever find!! They are so invested in their clients and take time to teach you not just tell you. If you want a complete lifestyle change where healthy eating becomes second nature and fitness is challenging AND fun with a great support system of other clients like you then you have to try them! This is not your ordinary gym- it’s so much better than that! LW

-I have always dreamed about looking like I did on my wedding day, but I never thought it would actually happen. Thanks to the two of you, I will never look back at my pictures and say I wish I looked better. I am forever grateful for being pushed, even when I thought my arms were going to fall off! Bradee





-I am no longer diabetic! Weight loss is a secret recipe: nutrition and exercise. Thank you to Jim Harris and Marian Wardlaw at MaxResults. Bench 250. Squat 345. Weight 240 (home scale). Ability to play tennis with your 12 yr old son, PRICELESS! -Arturo

-I am so thankful to find Maxresultstraining,  Jim and Marion are great! If you are looking for a great, honest place this is definitely where you want to be! Give them a call today for a personal evaluation, you won’t be sorry! Wonderful group of people to work out with. TT


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-If you are confused about how to eat, what to do in the gym, how to decipher the media’s interpretation of weight loss and fitness, then you need to meet Jim and Marian. I have done fad diets, crazy weight loss techniques, exercise without success, and more. When I went to Jim and Marian, I was frustrated and confused. I was tired of gimmick diets and just wanted to get healthy. I started a food plan with real food. They personalized a training program for me while I was still recovering from spine surgery after a cycling accident. They are personally invested in me and my success. There is rarely a day that goes by that they are not checking on me and my health goals. When you go to a training session, your session is pre-planned based on your fitness level and goals. They are tremendous trainers and people. Make the commitment! You will be glad you did. KD

-For those in the Gainesville, Georgia area and nearby towns: they don’t care how old you are. They don’t care how pleasingly plump you are. They don’t care how out of shape you are…. they…Jim and Marian Harris CARE! I spent one session and I gained more self confidence, more determination and more knowledge about what I could do and how I should do it. Just want to encourage you. Give them a try. You will understand the power of “work harder” ! VL

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-I had a personal trainer before, and didn’t see myself going anywhere with him…….Jim has a great passion for every single one of his customers…What I felt with him that I didn’t feel anywhere else, even in other gyms, was that he makes you feel special, like you are actually accomplishing something. 100 pounds more in squats and I added 15 pounds of muscle (in six weeks). I would recommend them every single time. LD

-Works hard to make sure you get to your goals. As long as you take his advice and follow his routine you will see results.

– I began training with Jim in 2013. I have been heavy my entire adult life. I have tried dozens of diets, numerous trainers and had a garage full of unused exercise equipment. Jim gave me a detailed plan, with diet included, and told me if I did my part, I would get the weight off and have more energy. I am proud to say that I lost 45 pounds in less than three months, and for the first time in my life, I am healthy and fit. Unfortunately, my job moved me from Atlanta, but Jim still keeps tabs on me, and I am still at my target weight. After so many failures, I owe Jim and his training for my break through. If you need to lose weight and/or get fit, he is your guy, and worth every single cent plus some.

-I had a great experience! Jim is very knowledgeable and pushed me to do the best I could do. ..i got a great work out and looked the best I have ever looked! Thank you Jim! I could not have done it without you!

-I was anxious about heading into the gym because I had “let myself go” and did not feel confident enough to start the journey on my own. Fit Jim was EXACTLY the catalyst I needed to set me on the path to fitness. He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about how to maximize efforts and really achieve your personal goals. He keeps me accountable and drives me to work smarter and harder every time. It’s been a little over 6 weeks and I am stronger, leaner, and more energized than I have been in years! One session with Jim and you will know you made the best choice.

-It has been a great pleasure working with Jim. He is an excellent trainer with extensive knowledge and skill. I have enjoyed working out with him, talking with him about the paths that one needs to take in order to succeed and the effort that needs to be put into the training to get the wanted results. Although it is hard work and it requires lots of discipline to continue, the process itself is very much rewarding. Not only did Jim shared his knowledge of activities, nutrition, and physics of the workouts with me, but he also supported me in every step of the way. He’s been a great moral support for me in getting through the hardest times, when the path got tough. Jim has a full package of everything that anyone needs to have to re-make one’s appearance and build a strong and healthy spirit along the way. Thank you, Jim. You’re a great inspiration to me!

-Don’t let Jim’s gruff voice and 6’5ft athletic frame intimidate you, it all hides an intensely knowledgeable and informed person, whose main goal is to motivate his clients to achieve optimal physical health and well-being. I speak from personal experience, I have seen his results, not only with the fitness program he designed specifically for myself, but have witnessed the incredible physical changes he has helped other’s achieve. Jim will not let you “off the hook “, in place of my excuses he provided reasons to carry on. Workouts are made enjoyable by his wicked sense of humor. If positive change in your physical health is what you are after – Jim is the trainer you want.

-Jim, is an amazing person, from initial eval, workout reg to recommended eating programs are great!! Jim takes the time to understand your goals and educate you to a better life of feeling better and health. I would recommend Jim to all.

-Jim motivates while educating me about my body and nutrition. Having a custom plan that fits my lifestyle and health needs has made it possible for me to stick with the program and get the results I want. He listens then adjusts but never lets me wimp out!







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