One on One Training- Check out  FAQ/pricing info

Our private, one on one Personal Training programs are created specifically for the individual client. That means we need to begin with an evaluation of your current physical condition, medical history, special considerations, and, most importantly, your emotional and mental readiness to begin our unique program. Just as no doctor would attempt to diagnose a patient they have never examined, it is impossible for a professional trainer to prescribe a path to fitness and healthiness without first thoroughly assessing the client. Read more about our the elements of our training programs here. Read more about our business philosophies here.

The great majority of our clients come to us after a previous training relationship did not lead to the results they were seeking. In our program, we have analyzed the reasons for the failures and developed a system where those shortcomings are eliminated, thus creating a model for success! By providing our clients with a the correct exercise program, properly structured workouts, a solid, daily support network, a system of accountability, effective nutritional guidance and a solid educational skill set to help them become capable of maintaining their fit lifestyle on a long term basis, our clients get fit and stay fit! If you’d like to see more from our clients about how well this works, and our passion for helping you attain all your goals, please visit our Testimonial page.

Our application/evaluation process begins with a 1 to 1 1/2 hour assessment, which includes a body composition test, muscle quality evaluation, strength and cardio tests, health indicators, diet and lifestyle discussion, and an evaluation of your readiness for our specific program. If we believe, after the completion of the evaluation,  you are a viable candidate for our program, we will present you with a customized program, detailing the path to your fitness goals. The customized program will be designed to accomplish your goals in a safe manner, in the shortest possible time frame. You will not be subject to any high pressure sales pitch, but all your questions will be answered and you will know the complete road map we suggest to accomplish your goals.

Here is how it works-

-You pay for your assessment session, which costs $149, through our online store (click here to pay). Please include your contact info in the comments section.

-We will send you information about the session specifics, plus forms with questions about your health history and lifestyle that you will complete and return to us.

-Once we have received and reviewed your completed forms, we will schedule your assessment appointment. Typically, an assessment will involve both of our trainers, and last about 1:15 to 1:30. This requires blocking out a period of time that could entail as many as 6 client personal training sessions, so most likely we will not be able to block that amount of time during peak demand periods. Usually we can accommodate 1-4 PM on week days, with sufficient notice.

-The assessment is done in our training studio, and you will have complete privacy.

-If we determine that you are a viable candidate for our specific program, you will receive our suggested prescription for your fitness journey, including nutritional recommendations and full cost breakdown. If anyone else is involved in your decision making process, please make sure to schedule your session when they will be able to join you. 

Jim and Marian are not available for private training during early morning periods, evenings or weekends. We do also have private training available in our Gainesville and Oakwood facilities with other trainers with more flexible scheduling options.


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