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I am 54, have 3 children and one grandson, and one thing that makes me especially proud is when my children compliment me on staying so fit! It makes my heart swell to know they are proud of “their mom!” 🙂

I rarely miss one of their games and in return, they know the importance of cheering me on, as well. We are all, indeed, each others biggest fans and cheerleaders! As it should be!!!

In addition to helping my children lead faith-based lives, I honestly believe one of the biggest responsibilities I have, as their mom, is to show them how to stay active/fit, and therefore, it’s imperative I lead by example. I can’t very well tell them to avoid fast foods if they see me indulging in them, now can I? So instead of just talking the fitness talk, I live it! The one big perk in that for me, personally, of course, is that I am energized and invigorated to do more for my children AND with them.

I know the importance of living an active life as I grew up in a family where fitness was just the norm. My mother and father played tennis and my dad played handball. I still remember seeing my mom in her black leotard holding her bright red exercise balls(and yes, I did think she looked a little weird, but she was active!) Having children of my own, I see all the more how important those early lessons of “staying active” were and still are! Consequently, I thank God everyday for my parent’s positive influence in my life.

In fact, our family was pretty much known as “the sports family.” I was the baby of 4 children and all 4 of us earned college sports letters. My brother earned a football scholarship to the Citadel, my sister earned a basketball scholarship to Presbyterian College, and I earned a swimming scholarship to Clemson University. Needless to say, sports were highly encouraged!!! And I stress “encouraged”, not forced. We each had the choice as to what we participated in, but we were never forced to participate. That freedom, in and of itself, allowed us each to forge our own ways into our specific sports and go at our own pace.

In 2008, I followed my dream of becoming a personal trainer as it was my vision to help others who wanted to get their bodies back in shape and as I like to call it, “Discover the athlete in themselves!” We all can be athletes no matter how old we are and as the old adage states, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old………..we grow old because we stop playing!”

Not to boast, but merely to give each of you hope, I am 53, I recently started playing tennis, and I will always be an athlete. No, I’m not the fastest anymore, and no, I’m not the best tennis player (not by a long shot), but I’m out there doing what I can to feel just a little bit better….to look just a little bit better for a little bit longer……………and here’s the deal……………I can help you do the very same thing. You don’t need to put so much pressure on yourself to BE THE BEST………….Just to be YOUR best!!!! Work for Progress, not Perfection………Work to Invigorate, not to Wear out………..Embrace your fitness life…………Recapture the joy of feeling the end result of exercise…….the awesome feeling when you finish your workout…………….Aaaaah, there is nothing better…………..

One important thing to remember, too, is that exercise is a privilege. There are some that don’t have the opportunity to exercise due to illness or injury, so as long as YOU CAN, YOU SHOULD find a way………..make a way………….to just get out there and make it happen. I can help you………..Let’s do this!!!! Call me TODAY!!! 404-431-7585 🙂

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  • October 27, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    You are an inspiration.
    I am 56 and would love to learn morn. Do you work with my age women?


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