We are very excited to introduce you all to Jose Barcenas . Out of the many requests we receive from colleges to mentor up and coming trainers, we chose to accept Jose in a mentor/intern capacity to help him further his passion to help others lead a fit lifestyle, based on his genuine passion to change lives.


Jose was born in Habersham and grew up in Tiger, Ga. The seeds of Jose’s journey into fitness as a career were planted early in life. Jose was an overweight child from kindergarten to middle school until he decided he wanted to change. This lifestyle commitment not only allowed him to move and feel better but also allowed his self-confidence to increase. Seeing the positives from these changes led him to decide to help others see the same benefits.
Jose graduated from the University of North Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in physical education and a minor in psychology, and received his Personal Trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Helping train athletes at the University of North Georgia, specifically men’s soccer, baseball, and women’s cross country benefitted his improving skill set. Jose wants to work with not only adults and teenagers but also help kids be guided into the proper path towards fitness. Specific specialties that interest him include sport performance, cardio conditioning methods, weightlifting, functional movement, myofascial release and rehabilitation.
We are happy to have Jose in our fitness family and for the great things we will see him accomplish in his future!